NZ & Friends

Tue 16 Mar 2010 10:12
Well our time in New Zealand is drawing to a close.
But we have made some fabulous friends on our way here, and some awesome memories, thank you to all of you!
So here you all are in glorious technicolour -
The crew from Fiji to Kiwi -  Lou & Ali
Magic Jim and the lovely Liz
and their friends Sue and Marty and Tom & Josh
Whilst in the Tauranga Bridge Marina Harris found us - we had last seen him in Feb 2009 in the Grenadines
Ged-i Knight & Lucas Skywalker
We caught up with fellow yachties from Giselle - David, Kirsty and Mary
and on Sea Topaz, Duncan and Ria
Then from our stay in Nuie - Vivien
and Erika & Eugen
Bruce who we first met in Fiji, but who was there at that very memorable day when Skipper drove her first tank!
Ross on Scoundrel
and dear Fred
We caught up with De Trieste - Skipper Terry, Tall Mike and Fuzzy Mike in their various homes around NZ
Terry & Maureen in Haihe
(Fuzzy) Mike (ok so he's shaved since we first met) and Judy
Mike and Maggie
Janice and John,  back in Tauranga
and their son Jono
Here in Auckland we have been able to catch up with Jim's Dream - Meryl and Alf
and Kay, who I hadn't seen in 20 years, but we agreed neither of us have changed!
Not forgetting the beautiful Winny who got us safely here!