and then there were two again

Tue 21 Jul 2009 23:10
We arrived yesterday to the impressive sight of the sun rising and
reflecting onto the mountains of Papeete, Tahiti. We are moored in the
biggest city/port in French Polynesia. On one side of Winny we have the
main thorughfare which goes around the island, and on the other side cargo
and a huge mega yacht are being loaded onto container ships.
We left Rangiroa crossing rough seas in the Lagoon, but that was eclipsed
by a squadron (7+) of gigantic Manta Rays swimming past our port side.
Our excursion to the Blue Lagoon in Rangiroa was everything and nore than
we expected. Swimming in turquoise waters with black tipped sharks feeding
in the shallow waters. After lunch we were taken to swim with the reqlly
big black tipped sharks. We were instructd to stay behind a mooring line
as the boat boy threw our leftover lunch to the eager waiting jaws.
Skipper was the first out of the water when she spotted a large lemon
shark hovering under the boat!!
Unfortunately we can not bombard you with photos as we are still down one
laptop, with no solution to fix it yet!
Mirjam is leaving Winny today to spend tine in Tahiti. We have more crew
joining us in Fiji for the last leg to NZ in October. Fireman Sam and
Elvis will be warmly recieved, providing they remember the chocolate