Fri 29 Jan 2010 05:00
45: 21 S 167: 03 E
Here was our first view of Doubtful Sound, we had crossed Lake Manopouri in a fast ferry, then we had to traverse the pass to Doubtful Sound. This viewpoint is at that pass.
 then we descended to the wharf to board our cruise ship Fiordland Navigator!
Yes that is her in the distance, whilst the little chicks to the left of picture are kayaks,
Skipper had taken to a kayak whilst No.1 was in the tender, keeping a watchful eye.
Skipper caught on the bridge checking Capt Dave had it all in hand.
The reflections in the Fiord are renowned for their beauty.
As night descended there was a serene quality to the surrounding landscape.
Then as we slowly cruised home the next day we were honoured to see a dolphin and her calf - our nature guide thought was only a few days old, a rare treat by their standards.
In this picture a 'nurse' is making the splash, next up is the mother and finally the baby, much paler than the adults and sticking close it's mother's side.