Old news & Friends

Sat 21 Nov 2009 07:48
It is fantastic when we connect with someone here in NZ that we have met on our sailing adventure.
Last week there was a knock at the boat and there was Harris from Canada, who we last saw in about Feb/March in Union Island in The Grenadines!
Imagine our surprise as we hadn't had time to exchange email addresses, due to some weather that came through in the bay where we were both anchored.
But he just happened to have a friend inTauranga (thank you for Mc Master family for sending us here) Sally (& do they Sally & Tony know how to cook up a storm). Anyway Sally was recently in a berth opposite Winny just before Harris came to visit her. Harris just happened to mention how he had met us and she said hey Winny is in the Marina and girls are in the local rag.
So last Sunday Harris took us out in his luxury camper (see blog coming soon re our camper...?)
We went to see our first Kauri forest and hugged a few trees!
The back to Sallys for a delicious Sunday roast.