Bonaire 3

Sat 21 Mar 2009 01:57
So Winny is settling in in Bonaire,  we have been to the 'Cruisers Happy Hour' at Coco's Bar.  Skipper has helped at the 'reef clean up' (divers and snorklers from the yachts picking up debris like old tyres and timber left on the sea bed/reef around the moorings after hurricane Omar last year).  For those of you in Whitstable we have found the equivalent of a giant George's, it's Tung Fong Store aka 'The China man's store' everything you could possibly need under one roof all going for a song.  We only went for a mosquito net but..... Half our linen and clothes are at the laundry which seems to have half of the island's linen and clothes piled up.  We found the recommended bakery, thanks Ali and Lou, BUT she no longer makes cinammon bread because the dough was too heavy and wrecked her machine.  A little job for Bako perhaps Chris?  Fancy a field trip?
Today the dive with Yellow Submarine was disapointing so must remember to be more specific about the site and time if we do it again.
Tomorrow we hire a car (the notorious Top Gear Toyota pick up) to explore inland, No1 didn't fancy the quad bike.  More to follow I'm sure.
For now a pic of a trigger fish looking like a punk due to the urchin in the rock behind.
More Spiny lobsters from the dive on devil's table where there were lobsters in every nook and cranny.