Just another Saturday!!

Sun 14 Dec 2008 23:25
It seemed so harmless. Alyson wanted to take Winnie down to Leverick to get diesel (I suggested she also top off her water tanks - that came in handy later). We put the main up to make sure that it was in working order - all was well there. We get to Leverick and Alyson snuggles Winnie in between a cat and another mono - well done.

While Alyson fusses with Winnie, I drop off some trash and pick up some stuff at the store. Soon after we are on our way back to the Bitter End where Susan has been lounging for the morning. As I turn the wheel over to Alyson, she turns back to find the dinghy half under water with one pontoon deflated. She tells me she swore. I can't remember anything stronger than , "Oh, bother!!" She immediately gets down on the swim platform and with the dinghy completely covering her, brute-forces the motorand the gas tank slowly out of the water. First the gas tank has to be disconnected and secured. Then she literally picks up the motor while it's still attached to the dinghy, I might add, and gets it on the platform so she can unscrew it from the dinghy. Did I mention that this woman is strong?? I, unfortunately, was not much help because I couldn't get to the swim platform - it was covered with Alyson and the dinghy.

Amazingly, all parts were saved and nothing is resting at the bottom of North Sound. Once again she ended up hosing down more pieces of her boat. So, this is what a shakedown cruise looks like. So far, a good chunk of the boat and the dinghy have been under water. We're hoping that both have been sufficiently christened.

Marian Moore and Susan O'Connor
Lil Moon