Fri 13 Feb 2009 19:20
15 16.9N  61 22.8S
We found another place courtesy of the GPS and some coast hugging.  Only because we were not intending to visit Dominica at all and have no chart for the whole island.  GPS took a long while to get a fix this morning too so we were on hand held for a while with Roseau and a wobbly arrow on the screen.
'Boat Boy' Pancho was quick to meet us as we neared the anchorage and talked us into a tour tomorrow, plonked us on a mooring off the beach (135ft deep!) , and said he would be back with an itinerary later. 
Dominica so far has been one day sun next day rain but they have huge rain forest and 365 rivers to keep going so I guess its necessary.  Along the coast there are wrecks from various hurricanes waiting to rot or be cut up for salvage.  On a few in Prince Rupert Bay there are still life rafts, had we known maybe we could have acquired one of those rather than pay huge dollars to get ours up to date!!
No.1 currently in the cockpit relaying the scenario to me regarding a fisherman who was knocked clear out of his boat a while ago by another boat speeding along and not watching where he was going.  Alot of shouting and waving went on before the collision but obviously not enough, now the bedraggled and dazed fisherman has been taken ashore and help arrived to get his boat towed ashore, & we were thinking it was so quiet.
So more pics hopefully tomorrow of waterfalls and perhaps the Boiling Lake - if we can find a means of charging the battery!