Just like home!

Tue 29 Dec 2009 04:17
Our next stop along the Hawkes Bay coast was Napier, just like home in so many ways.  Tankerton-on-Sea?
There is a Marine Parade, complete with fun fair for the holiday season.
A converted Art Deco fire station, arched windows where the engines were kept, just like Grand Pavilion.
In fact Napier is known as the Art Deco town of NZ as the central part and the front were rebuilt in that style during the '30s after an earthquake and fires in 1931 destroyed many of the original buildings.
Views across the bay, showing the blue/green waters of the Pacific Ocean, OK not quite like Tankerton Bay.
Then there are the cycle tracks, remeniscent of the route to Faversham.  Orchards (and vineyards) on one side, the river on the other and equally windy.
No1 needed a rest after the cycle but was getting nowhere in this wheel chair, kept the helmet on though just in case she found the gears!
Then there was lunch to look forward to, Church Rd Winery in this case, 
with a glass of the favourite from our tastings.