Fri 5 Feb 2010 07:50
43:28'S 170:01'E
Fox as in Fox Glacier!
No.1 (that's me) was so excited at the prospect that I could barely sleep the night before, then the day dawned and they handed out leaflets explaining the refund policy as there was very low cloud cover, and they didn't know if the helicopters would be able to take off, let alone land on the glacier & allow us to hike for a couple of hours...
Flying in over the 'pinnacles' jagged ice blocks created as the glacier flows and bends down the valley.
But we did it and here are the photos to prove it!
Note the fetching sock arrangement!  Sir Edmund will be turning in his grave!!  Well one doesn't want crampons caught in the turn-ups.
Arches and caves form where a fast flowing section meets a slower moving section the glacier buckles creating these shapes.
Then a cave easily big enough to park our van inside.
Going down!
There was a bit of a mix up with the seating arrangements for the return flight so Skipper and another Allison came home alone rather than being squahed 6 to a heli!
Here they are waving me off...  As 'usual' front seat position.
and here they are flying in to Fox heliport, feeling like millionaires.