Debs at the helm

Tue 30 Dec 2008 17:57
Another day in paradise everyone. Weather is v hot today and we're moored up near Trellis Bay letting toastie sarnies go down before a snorkel and a swim! Greg and I have both been at the helm and are proving to be very able bodied seamen. I even managed to heave-to, which, to all you lay-seamen is a very advanced manoeuvre designed to demonstrate how you can actually stall a rather large sea-going vessel! Greg has loved snorkelling and has been busy with the old under-water camera snapping some very lovely fish. Margo and I went on a 'snorkel walk' and saw some gorgeous coloured fish as well as a massive tarpon. SCARY! We have had man overboard when I made a less than agile attempt to board the kayak! Good job I was off to do something wet at the time. Greg is starting to miss his Pad walking and is feeling the pinch around the waist band. Today, however, we have discovered a new pair of shorts that he hasn't worn yet - those Bench ones from James and Vicky. Cocktail of the moment is Painkiller which is a mixture of rum and a creamy or milky mixer with nutmeg on the top! Will look what the mixer is made of to replicate at home as we can't be popping to the BVI at the drop of a hat for cocktails.One major move forward is no Beta blockers to board small aircraft even though they have propellers and the driver gets out every time they stop to check everything is still intact!
Happy New Year to everybody. See you soon. G and D
PS For those of you on the net, go to Pussers Red Box.  You should see us about 6pm (Painkiller time) 30th Dec 2008.