Holandes Cays 12th April

Mon 13 Apr 2009 22:42
Some of the clearest water we have seen and huge rays this time, swimming on the bottom around the anchorage, Eagle rays, and Sting Rays but BIG, also it's starfish city down there.  The wind is blowing directly at us as the area behind the island is a little too shallow for comfort when the tide goes out, however that means the wind generator can keep up most of the time unless we loose something and have to turn all the lights on.
The reef is roaring constantly with waves crashing on the other side, we have renamed it 'The Foam that Thunders'.  There is a gully going out into the reef just to the right of us but too rough as we get further out to try snorkelling out there. 
Our first fish that got as far as the table was a Barjack caught on the way here, not the biggest or tastiest of game fish by all accounts but fried in enough butter and garlic made a good 'starter' for dinner on Good Friday.
The anchorage here is known as swimming pool, so warm you can lounge all afternoon, although takes a while to unwrinkle afterwards.  One particular area is littered with sand dollars and urchin skeletons as if placed there for the local swimming club to practice their duck diving skills.
So the peace in this particular paradise is only broken by the occasional splat as a ray leaps from the water and pancakes it's self back onto the surface. Weather is still very cloudy as we wait for the strong winds in the Caribbean to ease off.  It is also the beginning of the rainy season so all change here soon.