Gary AKA Bosun's blog

Wed 29 Apr 2009 15:18
So, the invite was to join Winya Wynah to be a line handler for the Panama Canal transit. Having been through the Suez and Corinth Canals in the Royal Navy this was a real must.
After arriving at PC (Tocumen) in the evening with 30'C, spending the night in a hotel, travelling through a tropical storm in a bus & a 4x4 we set eyes on Winya Wynah for the first time.
Our Capitano & No.1 were sheltering below, we joined them for a cup of tea,
 then it was 'Gary could you fix the water pump, done, compass light, done, duo-gen, done. (All secretly enjoyed)!
(Winny being dressed ready for the Canal Transit in tyres by Gary and Carlos)
We negotiate the Gatun locks after a couple of days in the marina,
once through we anchor 100 yds from the tropical rain forest bordering the lake. The next morning however we are unable to raise the anchor, after all options have been expended the decision to cut the rope above the chain is executed by myself. This was not something I took lightly, however with no other options it was done.
The Canal passage itself was fantastic. Something never forgotten.
Just wish I could continue with El Capitano and Numero Uno - thank you both for a great time.
Tight lines on those fishing days ahead!
Photo's courtesy of John our official transit photographer.