Wed 8 Apr 2009 22:09
Well here we are in Paradise! Our first snorkel has just revealed a seahorse - oh magical creature that eluded the digi camera! Just a blurry shadow hopefully Alyson's underwater camera will have captured it for us.
We are now in the San Blas Islands. Where the Kuna people are very friendly (except when we are insistent we don't need to buy any more molas thank you - embroidery / appliqué squares), and they are of a similar height to us, so feeling very at home!
The San Blas Islands are a vast archipelago on Panama's Caribbean Coast.
The sea around us here at Lemmon Cays is a mixture of the most heavenly blues and turquoises I have ever seen, and the water is of a temperature that means even I can swim - well when I say swim I mean hover - over the endless beds of coral for an hour or more!
I'm sure what you are all wanting to know is how was our longest passage to date. Well not without the usual weather window - new to me that you can still do 4.5 knots with no sails. And yet again it has left us battered in some places - you should see the Skipper's latest list for the chandlers!
Our last blog left you hooked (ha ha) as to whether we would catch a fish or not. Well after many anxious hours Alyson did in fact land us our very first Yellow Fin Tuna, unfortunately after having reeled it in, landed it on the swim deck, No 1 let the side down by being too slow with the anesthetizing so it made a hasty bid for freedom, all 20 inches of it. As you can imagine every meal has been sadly lacking since!