Thu 29 Jan 2009 23:17
A fine sail to Guadeloupe saw us Jolly Harbour, Antigua to Deshaies in 8 hours.  Anchored in the bay you would think we came through 30-40 knot winds but I am reassured the wind howling in here is the funnelling effect of the hills around us and not what we are to expect offshore.
Once past Cades Reef on the SW corner of Antigua all we had to do was set course and negotiate the 6-9ft swells coming at us, Winny performed well and no broken crockery, result.
Tomorrow we have to find a customs office, hopefully complete with customs officer, to clear in.  Not easy as the officer would appear to have a cheap watch and makes the rules!  If we miss him/her we will have to go to the botanical gardens or some such place and chat to other yachties to see how they got on.
Au Revoir