April 6th

Sun 5 Apr 2009 16:37
Happy Birthday Dad. 
Graham Wreford, Master baker, splicer of ropes, good boat driver, maker of rocking horses and teacher of knots.  When my brother and I were kids I don't know how long we would sit tying 'Bowlyns' and 'Sheep' Bends, rabbits around trees and ropes of different thicknesses etc etc.  Now as we are revising and practicing bowlines and double sheet bends on passage to Panama I realise where they all fit in, i.e. the only thing to get our lines ashore and secure in the locks of the Panama Canal.  Thanks Dad.  I only wish I had concentrated more on a rolling hitch I think I perfect a new Wreford Hitch every time I need one (Alyson's not Graham's sorry to say).
We also had a huge map of the world on the kitchen wall and the likes of Francis Chichester and Chay Blythe would be a cut out card yacht moving along cotton thread taught between pins strategically positioned in the blue bits.  How Dad knew their positions I do not know (maybe early hours radio in the bakehouse) but gradually they went along the cotton all the way around.  I wonder if he has a map in the workshop amongst bits of rocking horses now with a cut out Winny moving along the cotton?