From Galapagos to Marquesas

Thu 4 Jun 2009 18:18
After having spent Monday ashore organising all the last minute jobs, buying the perishables, and as we are now 3 taking on board extra water & basic staples, we returned to the boat late evening, thinking the wind/swell had picked up, as we were rolling around, and that we would be very pleased to be off in the morning!
Up at daybreak to stow the extra goodies, and await our new crew, Skipper commented that the stern anchor didn't seem to be doing it's job. Try pulling in some slack I suggested, which turned out to be 40' line, with no anchor or chain attached! Does this sound familiar blog readers?
Peter, our very kind & useful agent, had volunteered to help us lift the stern anchor at 8.30am (for our 9am departure), and bring us our cans of diesel topped up. So he dutifully arrived to find us sitting glum, within minutes he had organised a diver & our anchor was retrieved, chain & all!
Meanwhile Mirjam had arrived by water taxi, and was stowing her belongings below, ready for us to set sail.
10.00am and we were off,main anchor came up no problem. BUT just as we were leaving the anchorage, smoke was pouring out of the exhaust, and no water! So quick about turn and re-anchor.
No.1 hailed a water taxi, and went off in search of a mechanic. Fortunately it was our favourite water taxi man - Mayley - learning of our problem he went straight to the main dock & started making enquires for a mechanic to come out to Winny. Freddie agreed to come in an hour, & so I waited to escort him back.  Freddie and amigo duly returned, and were delivered to Winny where they set about solving the problem, with Mirjam acting as our interpretator. Several hours later, and after Skipper had to dive under the boat in order to retrieve a plastic bag from the filter inlet, impeller changed (good job we had two spares) the happy couple declared we were fit to leave.
16.00pm Finally we were on our way!
Good sailing all day, but as the sun set the wind became very light, and with frustration we turned to the engine several times in the night (to keep us well away from those fishing boats)! Then about 3am the wind returned and we were off again.
02'04S 92'53W
193 miles complete on route.