On route to San Blas

Tue 31 Mar 2009 22:59
Finally we have left Bonaire! It was difficult to leave all our new friends behind - above and below the water!
Even more difficult to leave as we couldn't get into the Marina until late afternoon to fill up the water tanks and take some fuel on board.  A Mega Yacht was taking up all the space, with a road tanker loading on 8,000 gallons of diesel we are led to believe.  Anyway takes a long time!
Thank you Ali and Lou for your top ten tips to Bonaire - which made our visit easier! All the tips have been used and some passed on, especially Cactus Blue. Though we would have to add the China Man's shop where we bought our mosquito bat - with which we furiously zap the mozzies on board.
Thank you to the nice man in Budget Marine for setting us up with our fishing line, hooks and bait, (including the bright pink octopus skirts to send those tunas craaazy)! Though the trolling of the line proved fruitless today, so Skipper is having to whip up a tuna loaf with the canned variety. Tonight we are anchored - well tied up to a huge mooring now the day charters have gone, in Klien Curaco. Then tomorrow it is non stop to the San Blas which is about 775 miles, and will be our longest passage to date.
Then on to Panama where hopefully John is going to be joining us as a line handler. Still two vacancies left...
Must go now, check for a green flash at sunset,  (our only one so far was in Deshaies, Guadeloupe.  due another one soon we hope).