50 miles to go to Bonaire

Mon 16 Mar 2009 15:46
Day 3 - 15.03.09
Seas moderate sun shining so we risked our first 6 knot showers (solar showers) on the back of the boat.
120 miles today, yesterday 138.
Day 4 - 16.03.09 - 11.40 am
Skipper woken early to check out the cruise ship that seemed to be heading for our stern (backside) just as it looked like we might have to take action, it over took us on the starboard side (bet they are all out enjoying the sights in Bonaire by now).
The cruise ship at about 10 o'clock last night turned out to be the second time the moon rising has tricked us!!
As it all seemed a bit calmer today got the Sony Reader out to read a chapter of Moby Dick to the crew - only to discover that I had run out of battery! So it is now charging as I type. Meanwhile Skipper is on manual whale watch - as one was spotted a couple of days ago off Bequai.