There's always more.

Thu 22 Jan 2009 22:07
We are in Deep Bay (NW Antigua)  parked in the breeze to keep bugs down and work rate up for the wind generator. Now called Daisy as evidently that's what she looks like!
There is a wreck in the middle of the bay but having sneaked past that we are well anchored 100m from the beach.  Tried snorkelling round the edge but pretty dead,  over the wreck is more interesting as it sits in about 18ft and easy to see the steel framework and rig the masts have broken off and lie across the hull.
So more about our longest journey so far in Winny.  Once out of the shelter of Virgin Gorda the swells ran from 10-12 ft most of the time, we were skipping along at 7 / 8 kn with two reefs in the main and a postage stamp of a jib.  All very exciting but with swell and wind pushing us west leeway was huge and we couldn't get to windward well at all.  Hence long tacks and revision of passage plans.  Our intention was to slow down and plod through the night, just as well as the moon came up late and all we could do was reef down and use autopilot most of the night.  2 hour watches between us seemed to work pretty well, cruise ships evidently just sit in no-mans sea for long periods at night and with fancy coloured lights on as well as navigation lights it is impossible to predict where they are going alot of the time.
We passed close to St Martin, Saba, St Kitts and Nevis but first sight of Antigua was just the best.  A little confusion nearing the island about which headland Jolly Harbour was hiding behind and yet another cargo ship sliding close by our stern turned the approach into a discussion, but a little chat with the friendly Harbourmaster at Jolly Harbour and we had courtesy and Q flag raised and on a mooring before dark.  The Harbourmaster, we now know is called William, hovered until we were safely on the mooring waiting I suspect for the men to appear from below.  Same thing the next morning when he came to see if we had been to Customs and advised us of where and how.  Getting very confident now we went in Winny to the Customs dock and parked up to get signed in, not many crews bother to take the boat so they suggested we could leave her there until we were ready to move again.  All very friendly like as they were all watching history with the inauguration and not bothered about us. Another lesson from William about mooring posts and lines and we were off to the marina.  A nifty bit of stern-to parking even brought a complement from the salty old harbourmaster. 
Chandlers richer and more jobs done we can now enjoy Antigua until Monday and English Harbour where we are booked in to get the liferaft repacked!  All go here, Oh give me snow and a downhill run!