Back to the Grenadines

Sat 28 Feb 2009 21:58
Well we have moved on again and we are now sitting in Bequia in the Grenadines.
Reminiscing about when we where here last.
We left St. Lucia at about 3 am after a sleepless night on a mooring buoy!
When we had arrived in Soufriere the wind was strong and holding us all apart. Then at about 8pm - just as we were going to bed ready for an early start - the wind died and we all started swinging in different directions, and at different times and what with the current and swell... So our departure was a little earlier then we had anticipated, as sitting on the bow all night trying to fend off a large Catamaran wasn't much fun!
Though before we left Soufriere we did get the chance to go up and see the volcano
 and indulge ourselves in our second bath of our adventure - albeit a mud bath!
oh and here's Winny just below my finger! (Before the Cat's bottom got up our nose!)