Fri 22 Jan 2010 04:31
Back to the coast and more fabulous things,  the Moeraki Boulders a 'must stop' option. 
These spherical rocks are formed in the mud stone when a nucleus starts to solidify and 'grows' a rock!  Later when the mud cliffs are worn away by sea and wind the boulders are exposed and stand out on the beach.  These are also broken down eventually and inside is a more honeycomb like rock, this makes some hollow but large enough to hide in.
Further along the coast we stopped to look in an Art Gallery, chatting to the owner we learned there was a huge boulder on the beach below the gallery,  fortunately it was low tide still so we ventured down the rickety steps and path to this monster.
Climbing up was tricky, but here No1 apparently gets a bunk-up from the fur seal behind.
Actually we didn't take any notice of the seal until taking another photo the Skipper inadvertantly stood between seal and the water......  Big seals can move quite quickly, making much noise......  Moving faster than normally possible Skipper ran in many directions at once away from seal, back to steps, jumping over incoming waves and avoiding a second seal disturbed by the chaos.  No1 almost fell off the boulder she was laughing so hard! 
Restoring some calm to the situation a (smug) yoga pose in a space ship boulder
Taking the coast road advised by the guy in the gallery we travelled through several small towns, spurred on by our visit with Bruce a horse trainer, we stopped to see the saturday afternoon harness racing.  The whole town (except the staff in the excellent bakers) seemed to be there.  We watched trotters and pacers while the sun came out for a brief visit.
The coastline here has high rocky cliffs and deep sandy bays equally dramatic and along with the vegetation providing rest and protection for seals and penguins.
Had to get this T-shirt,  ''Never let an adventure pass you by''  It's official.