Quiet day

Thu 5 Feb 2009 22:41
With our shrouds showing a French courtesy flag and no Q flag we are much happier.  Moved away from Bourg de Saintes to Islet a Cabrit.  Out of the wind a little more but away from the wake of ferries and swell from the open sea making the biggest difference.
Water is quite clear again so snorkelling over the anchor and into the beach was easy.  We are now just off a 'garden' of sand eels, standing on their tails in search of food, funny things look like weeds until you swim down and they see you only to retract into their holes for protection.  All clear and they pop up again waving in the current.  After a swim it was time to remove our first big family of barnacles from below the water line, Granddaddies on the top of the rudder were the toughest, we are now working on a method of flossing between the rudder and the hull which will solve the problem but not make us rich.  The hundreds of little fish surrounding the boat went bananas as bits of barnacles sank to the bottom, how popular are we?
Big treat tonight we found moules and frites ( McCain oven chips, thank you Simon in Oz for introducing us to them!) in the supermarket.  The first chips we have had on board. Mmm.   Along with some great looking bread from one of about six bakers we have seen in town.  Thank goodness the strike has not effected The Saintes.