Form Arrowtown to Mace town

Thu 4 Feb 2010 09:08
Whilst in Queenstown we stayed with Ross and Polly, Ross we had met in the Tauranga Bridge Marina in our Winny days.
He invited us to stay with his family if we were ever passing their way.
He also promised us a bit of off road cycling, which he hadn't forgotten about!
So we set off from Arrowtown                                                                       to Mace Town,
up hills (phew made it to the top of that one)!
and across rivers,
I think there were 7 river crossings each way!
and over bridges.
Then back to Arrowtown, which was once the home of the Chinese Community who had been
 drawn there by the gold rush.
Then the perfect end to the day - a BBQ at the rowing club for daughter Kelby's birthday, down on Lake Hayes with a sunset to boot!