Bonaire again

Thu 26 Mar 2009 19:11
Still on a mooring off Kralendijk, we are almost ready to leave having got Chartplotter/GPS up and running again.  We have found some rust remover that has us cleaned up like a new pin then a little more marine polish and we'll be our own signalling mirror.
Alot of boats are leaving as crews are only granted 90 day stays and as some came for Xmas they need to move on.  That puts an end to the Thursday Happy Hour,  Friday bridge and the Sunday dominos I guess.  Also the Thursday clean up where divers and snorklers gather debris from Hurricane Omar, still on the bottom since last year, and load it on to a Marine Parks boat for them to dispose of.   Last week A helped swimming around for nearly 2 hours.  This week it was cancelled as they could not spare Park staff.
It will be sad to leave this mooring as we have a full aquarium just off the back.  We are safe on the mooring with a few very protective damsel fish defending the concrete blocks we are secured to from any fish they don't approve of, or any snorklers they take a dislike to including us.  The British Army probably don't have as many Sergeant Majors as we have under the hull, waiting for a hand out I think.  We have a pair of French Angel fish come to greet us whenever we get into the water, and some big trumpet fish trying to be inconspicuous hanging amongst the finger corals and weed.  My favourite by far is the octopus, I have a daily game of hide and seek with him/her although it does not appear to be my turn to hide yet I still play.  S/he can be almost as pale as the sand and sandy rocks just before the reef or darker deeper amongst the coral.  Yesterday was a good ploy, the colour of rust, he was in the end of a pipe (possibly an old lamppost, debris from Omar perhaps) with just body showing and eyes sticking up he looked for all the world like a hinge on the end of the pipe. Don't think I would be as good at the hiding bit anyway. Yellow and purple hog fish make up a local clan,they seem to have alot of babies in the shallows too.  Finally a midnight blue parrot fish very elegant but shy swimming into the depths of the reef when we approach.
Today it has rained hard a couple of times so cleaning all the dust from the decks while we can, be nice to look white again.
Then there is just the job of provisioning for the weeks ahead and filling up the water tanks, and lastly clearing customs. 
Next you should find us in the San Blas Islands heading for the Panama Canal - we still need 3 line handlers...