North Sound

Fri 12 Dec 2008 21:21
Today we left the Virgin GordaYacht Harbour as the strong winds are due to die down this evening for a while, seas were certainly no where near as high today as when we were moving on Tuesday.  (Would have been alot easier to deal with a flood in today's conditions.)  Now tucked in behind the hills at Bitter End Yacht Club all seems quite calm.
As for the flood; the water level was increasing with the engine on so I had suspected the cooling water was being pumped in and then escaping the system somewhere, at least that was what I was hoping.  When the engineer came to look he found a clip around a short piece of hose had rusted and broken.  I had been looking for the right thing but not in the right place. Thankfully the hose was short enough that it was not forced off completely and the engine did not overheat. New clip, started up again and end of problem, need to get a selection of hose clips for the spares department on the next visit to the chandlers.  Then the problem was to get rid of the salt it had sprayed all over the engine,  voluntarily filling the compartment this time by spraying it down with fresh water twice, more baling, dry the whole thing and then a liberal spraying with WD40 last thing we need is a rust bucket of an engine.
Also got the dingy going today for the first time.  Yesterday on the dock we had a selection of skippers and their pumps to sort out what we needed for the new dingy. Font of all knowledge Barbra and Mike (happen to own the Pirate's Cave Chandlery in Rochester, Kent!!) were on the berth opposite and watched us for a short while before coming across to solve the problem.  I need a Halkey Roberts adaptor that's all, then a valve cover because we seem to be one short and I'm all set.  Chandlers list getting longer....  Today got the engine attached and although the current set up very good at going sideways I'm sure we will cure that and soon be mobile when Winny is at anchor or on a mooring.  Don't worry Deborah Cooper Island Beach Club is looking more likely and the Flaming Rum Custard ever closer.
Back to Tortola after a day or so here cleaning up the last bits and refuelling, more deliveries expected Monday or Tuesday so perhaps some more waiting, fingers crossed.