Stewart Island

Tue 26 Jan 2010 08:40
So we reached the end of the road State Highway 1.
The sign at the other end was at Cape Reinga.
So near the sign in Bluff is this huge sculpture of a chain, symbolically it represents the anchor chain securing South Island in place.
The anchor stone is Stewart Island.
So here we are at the other end, with chain and shackle to match.
Three days of Easterly winds had shrowded the island in fog and as it rolled in again we thought we may not see very much.
But the sun did manage a short visit and we fought off the sandflies to make the most of our walks around the town and the national park.
Native birds are thriving in the forest here as the introduced preditors are being eradicated. 
Rats, weasles, ferrets, stoats, cats and possoms all prey on the birds and their eggs or compete for their food.
The Stewart Island robin is a friendly fellow
and the flightless Weka below is a curious, chicken sized bird we saw running along the beach and in the forest beyond.
Back on the water the fishermen and charter skippers throw fish parts over and albatrosses swoop down to pick them up.  Still my favourite these birds have a huge wing span and are magnificent to watch effortlessly skimming the waves.
Famous for it's sunsets the best was not on show, the clouds were closing in again.
I know everyone at home thinks we have been a bit remiss keeping up with the blog and email,
but we've been having a problem with the connections.
And your number wasn't in the book!!