Looking like a cruiser

Sun 7 Dec 2008 16:08
We are still in Hodges Creek but looking a bit more like it and capable of wind generation and once we get moving, water power!  I was told my help was coming to start installation on Friday pm so Friday morning I carried all the bits I needed to dry land at the end of C Dock to assemble the DuoGen.  Having read the instructions and understood the process I was confident we could get started.  Unfortunately a lack of alan keys I needed to fit the tower onto the alternator stopped that plan and I took it apart again until the lads with tools arrived.
Meanwhile I measured the optimum position on the transom (flat bit on the back end, for those of you complaining I use too much jargon) and marked it up with tape and a few biro marks.  Laid out the parts on a cardboard 'tray' on the dock then waited in vain as my help got stuck sorting out an engine/electrics problem further along the dock.  Picking everything up again and back on board overnight I was getting quite familiar with all the relevant parts.
Saturday morning came as did the help, everything was back on the cardboard work bench and we were all set except all the extra bits of cable, fittings, bolts, screws etc.  I proudly explained what I had done measuring and marking and off they went to get drills and more tools.  Instructions are obviously not for boys so with an eagle eye I assisted assembling the parts again trying to explain which way things went and which needed to be firm not wrenched into place!
A further set of precise instructions left flapping in the breeze and they approached the transom and my carefully explained marks with a drill.  I was starting to turn grey and explained again the method and final positioning we needed, thank goodness I had almost memorised the directions by now.  Finally it got across and I allowed them to drill holes in the back of the boat, still not in the precise order of the instructions but with me doing the work of the clamp on the rail, seemed a fair compromise.
Off to the chandlers next to get the bits required to complete the job, me in tow to pay the bill. Bit of a ploy maybe as we left 'Himwants' the assistant drilling a hole in the deck for the antenna on the Satellite phone, without me saying ''I don't want it there''.
Shopping done and back to the boat it was time to mount and fix everything me being the verbal instruction book again.  I imagine they must think I have a terrible memory the number of times I referred back to the manual or instructions.  The only thing left is a pop rivet still poking out of the bracket waiting for the right size gadget to fix it.
Finally done with setting up outside we moved inside and had mattresses, beds, wall panels and cupboards out of both aft (rear) cabins to bring the cable and antenna into the right parts of the boat.  Alot of threading and weaving later and only a couple more holes all that was left was to connect everything up.  Again chief help had a few of his own ideas but all I could do at this stage was make sure everything on the diagrams had been done.
Eventually we were done and having put the boat back together decided I'd better run the engine to recharge a bit.  Flat engine battery and it was going to be a dark night for us on C dock, rescued thankfully by a jump start battery and we are back up to power.
Today I started with a slight adjustment to a couple of things on the Duogen and now we look like the pictures, phew.
Still cleaning up but out into the wild blue tomorrow and no mistake.  The friends I was due to meet up with today have discovered diesel in the water tanks of their charter yacht so they will be delayed also.......
Now to test the new set up, bye for now Alyson