Back to the water

Sat 13 Mar 2010 20:29
On our way back to Tauranga we passed through Katikati for the last time, renowned for the murals all over town Katikati seemed to be on our route to everywhere for a while.
My favourite mural is this one on the side of the garage.
Back in Pilot Bay, Tauranga, the Skipper managed a test sail on the all new Katalyst sail boat, rather like windsurfing sat down for the old girl!
Maybe we'll see one off Tankerton beach one day.
Then the Wednesday evening races, Fred, our font of knowledge at the Marina and skipper of WindSheer decided an extra pair of hands would not slow them too much.
Coming to the southern mark about mid race WindSheer nosed into the lead in class 3, 
Alot of whooping and hollering from the helmsmen and an 'extended' turn around the mark allowed two yachts behind to sneak round ahead!!
Gathering momentum and decorum Fred's team sailed the next leg out of harms way, down the centre of the course. 
Gaining line and handicap honours at the end of the day a good race was had by all.