Holiday, celebrate, it's gonna be so nice.

Thu 17 Dec 2009 07:46
37:41.73S   176:16.94E
So Winny has proud new owners, she deserves a good home for looking after us so well! We think she will be OK with David and Sue.
It took us 2 days to get our 'stuff' off, you would not believe how much can be stowed away in a 40ft boat.  Stuff..Some to send home, some to go touring, some to pass on and some directly to the bin!  When everything was off, one last look round and a final check of the dock lines and fenders to ensure all was well, we were away, almost.  Goodbye to our friends in the Marina and a cup of tea with Meryl on 'Jim's Dream', then we're off!  Finding a home for everything left was next, so Magic Jim and Liz have a few more boxes in the garage and the rest is in 'Toyah' our new Toyoya liteace van. Shorter wheel base than 'Gloria' the Toyota hiiace we took to Northland, so the front wheels had to come off the bikes, but No1 is happier driving the liteace, so Toyah is packed to the gunnels and all's well.
Toyah the van and if you look carefully, on the new camp chair, me the 'Blogmeister' watching the sunset in Papamoa.
We are now feeling a little more like we are on holiday in NZ and No1 has booked camp sites/accomodation through to the New Year.  Probably just as well as the Xmas Holidays are upon us and that means the big summer hols here in NZ!