Keeping busy

Fri 25 Dec 2009 01:45
Ohope is around the headland from Whakatane and said to be one of the safest surf beaches in NZ therefore good for a first lesson.  Skipper was easily talked into having a go....... 
Don't remember what was so funny but all seems quite easy with the board on the sand and fins snug in holes we dug for them.
The picture of the Haka-hula dance may have been edited!  Beaver (guy who runs the Salt Spray surf school) describes the stance as a combination of the Haka, better known from the All Blacks version prior to a rugby match, and the Hula dance also better known as the dance of grass skirts from Hawaii.
Some wobbly attempts and A gets the very basics, more practice and lessons along the way with a bit of luck.
The grin seems to go with the Haka-hula!!