Moon Book

Wed 4 Mar 2009 23:15
We are now in Charlestown Bay, Canouan Island. 
Before we left Bequai bought a 'Moon' book. The purchase was so we could keep a track of the moon and tides, but it gives us a whole lot more of advice, all you out there with allotments need one believe me!  Top tip from moon book, to check how much gas there is left in propane tanks.  Pour hot water down the side of the tank, then feel tank. Empty section stays warm, where there is propane it goes cold.  Helped us straight away!!
Tyrone, the latest engineer to suck air through his teeth and rub oily fingers across his chin when considering Winny's condition, quickly decided we needed a new part as the old 'stern gland' had been reinforced with a screw clip rather than replaced.  The stern gland is a rubber cone (like a kong for those with dogs) which seals the prop shaft coming from the engine to a tube like hole in the hull.  The shaft is lubricated with sea water as it goes through the hull so if this does not seal we get water into the boat, and have to bail it out on a regular basis.  Anyway, we contacted the company who used to look after Winny they gave us a part number for Tyrone to order.  Long story followed but result was he couldn't get the part.  Another suggestion was to pay a visit to The Moorings in Canouan, where we had once chartered and seek out Scott the base manager and see if he would sell us the part for Tyrone to fit. Anyway today The Moon Book said was good for business! And Scott not only sold us the part but gave us two of his lads to fit it, after a couple of hours inside one of our cabins (and many trips around the bay for various tools) job done! So no more bailing out hopefully. Tomorrow we will head out to the bluest of blue waters and see how we fare.
Keep the emails coming folks as we love to hear from you all!