Rain rain rain!

Mon 12 Oct 2009 03:01
Day 3. 13:00
20:41;060 S 175:28;005 E 
Still a long way to go, but getting closer to that midway point where we cook up a tray of chocolate brownies!
So far the wind has been pretty much on the nose and the swell running with it, so not the most comfortable sailing.
Today the wind moved round to the East and we managed to get a good few miles in, before it died and the rain kicked in.
So the engine is now purring.
Rain has been a constant feature so far, and it is quite tricky finding enough places to dry so much wet weather gear.
Ali No.2 (as opposed to Aly the skipper) has proved to be very able in the galley.
Having just cooked up a delicious frittata with lots of yummy vegetables. So a well fed crew with 2 cooks onboard.
Skipper and No.1 are enjoying those extra hours in bed, infact No.1 has only one watch tonight - bliss.
Just looking for some northerlies to blow us in the right direction and we will all be happy.
Message for Joe - Stuart sends his love, having a fantastic time, not seasick like your mother!