Admiralty Bay

Sun 1 Mar 2009 21:55
At last we seem to be out of the area effected by the French strike.  We decided (thanks to the new fuel gauge) to wait until Bequia to take on more diesel.  What a good decision,  Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay fuel docks had a constant queue of about 10 boats waiting to refuel,  of course the French have a queuing system but it's very similar to a lift queue in Val d'Isere all shoving and bully tactics.  Instead of standing on the back of your skis though they play dodgems with thousands of pounds worth of boats, often other peoples boats at that.  Even with motoring the first part of our journey from St Lucia, in the dark with no wind, we still had ample when we arrived.
The way to avoid the queue is to get a mobile service, how's that you sit on a mooring or anchor and the refill comes to you.  Complete with a very personable young man to dispense diesel and or water direct.  The company is called Daffodil,  sounds a bit odd on the radio when we have to call them three times!
Today being Sunday all is quiet in town although we did manage to get in on the Caribbean Brunch at Coco's Place, chock full of locals who were ready when the nod was given to charge for the buffet table.  Not quite as dangerous as the opening of the fuel dock but close.  Tomorrow it's back to getting jobs done and the stern gland needs attention!  Maybe even the gear shift will get a second chance, we'll see how the engineers here are fixed in the morning.  If in doubt and we need to stay A is close to the dive school that took her to see sea horses a couple of years ago and M can go to the yoga class run by some folks we met at brunch, there are worse places to be stuck.

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