Coco Bandero Cays 13th April

Mon 13 Apr 2009 22:02
This is probably the furthest east we will go in the San Blas, water very clear but so far no big fish to see, not even when we prepared our latest catch!  From the cockpit we can see 10 classic desert islands and as many reefs just under the surface.  Fortunately the sun came out just as we approached making spotting them easier.  The overcast weather may have moved on as we can now see mainland Panama again, but as our last weather 'update' was 3 days old when it got here we must wait to see if it is set fair for our passage to Colon.
So fish for supper again, (only a 6 mile journey but we are getting short on supplies)  First up was a Barjack, smaller than the first so decided to let that go, all be it with a sore lip.  Not 10 mins later we thought we must have the same fish again but no.   This time we have what looks like some sort of mackerel but on the ID cards could be a 'Little Tunny'  (take your choice when we get the photos downloaded) This time we had alcohol in a small squeezy bottle ready to 'fill the gills' and soon anaesthetised it.  Anyway big enough for two and now ready for the BBQ as soon as I've cleaned that out.