Mc Bashmaster blog report

Fri 16 Oct 2009 02:17
6 days at sea, 642 nautical miles out of 1183 left to peel away, with the promise of halfway chocolate brownies so close and yet seemingly so far away if the wind has anything to do with it. We have had wind in every direction EXCEPT the one we want it from, but are ever hopeful and carry the confidence passed along by our weather team that we WILL get the wind. In the meantime our theme games what songs mention sunshine, rain, names of places and people continue as the leading high jinx on the good ship Winny. The Skipper's contributions to these games have been debatable - who knows a song called "Chips, Chips, Chips" ? (with the obligatory blodge of brown sauce no doubt).
Yesterdays fishing competion was temporarily delayed on the basis of having too much boat speed (motoring) or not enough (sails unfurled) - the crazzy hungry tuna will just have to wait, as will our planned kedgeree. But let me tell you about the most likely winner - The Silver Foil Flyer. She has all the components of the Waring children - in the water the SFF swims with the elegance of Grace, the exuberance of Benji and the robustness of Oscar. (yes we miss you and Joe loads - oh and Jess and Jon of course) There were some calls of foul when there was some outside encouragement to change the SFF at the last minute to a teaspoon!!! hmmmm we were confused too but are certain Jim will enlighten us over his first bottle of kiwi Pinot Noir, and on-order sparkling shiraz for No.1, who plans to enjoy it with her first chinese crispy duck in 10 months. Skipper has put in an order of cauliflower cheese - not sure it's a gourmet combination. Must ask our French cuisine chef of TWENTY YEARS, she may have the perfect combo recipe by the time we reach NZ, worthy of a massive bottle of fizz.
Deck scrubber Bashall has her sealegs well and truly sorted out, she spotted todays first visitors - a small pod of dolphins that were with us fleetingly, although we assured them we had been sent as playmates by Joe S, they wanted the real deal to be present- Joe, next time we'll bring you along.
More news to follow as it unfolds, along with the sails if this wind ever arrives.