To Start Test

Sun 23 Nov 2008 19:51
23rd Nov
Island time has taken over already I've only been here 4 days!  The surveyor I had engaged has gone awol and left the Moorings crew to refit Winny as per schedule.  I came in right at the end but she is looking good.  We still need a surveyor to make a report for the insurers so that should happen in the next couple of days.
Once the surveyor has been and anything extra sorted out I can sign Winny off and we will move her from the refit dock to 'C' dock at Hodges Creek.  Not far in distance but a million miles in terms of responsibility.
Next week the Duogen arrives and we can get started on the fitting out for our adventure.  I brought the Iridium phone so getting help to fit that too.  Can't wait to get aboard and out of hotel rooms.
So far I have found all manner of paints, post office, gas cylinders to re-arm our life jackets, national parks office, courtesy flags for 4 more countries on our list and a restaurant on top of a headland to sit back and celebrate when we are ready to go!
Tomorrow I think I am chasing a surveyor and getting the engine/compression test results, exciting here...
All Best Alyson