50 if a day!

Sat 12 Sep 2009 00:27
Sadly we left Niue, it's fabulous Yacht club and the whales in the bay
that eluded us every time we tried to swim with them!
Our onward passage West meant giving up all those extra hours we have
gained (it has been a novelty to be in charge and choose when to change
time as we pass through different zones) and losing a whole day in just a
moment! We celebrated in true English style with hot buttered jam scones
and Earl Grey tea!
Our two day passage to Tonga was fast the wind dying as we made landfall
to be replaced by torrential rain! We arrived in Neiafu, Vavau where we
were boarded for the first time by Customs Health and Immigration
The harbour was chock a block as we had arrived on day 1 of their first
ever Regatta, but we secured one of their last mooring buoys on the west
side of the bay, where we spent our first evening watching the yachts line
up to race in little or no wind, with the sun setting over the harbour.
Since our arrival the weather has been very windy and wet, so we have
spent many an hour cleaning Winny and catching up on reading and hiding
out in various anchorages.
September 11th dawned with a bright sunny day! After blueberry pancakes
Skipper got down to the serious task of making a chocolate ginger rum
birthday cake! Meanwhile a whale appeared to wish me a Happy Birthday!
A fantastic evening was had at the Reef resort. The only downside of our
evening was that we had moved anchorages to be nearer the restaurant but
we were now anchored in 25-30 mile an hour winds, and the crossing to the
restaurant in our little dink was seriously wet, even in full weather
The Reef is run by Theresa and Tim, who treated us as though we were long
lost friends, and served us the most amazing meal that we have experienced
probably since the Skipper was 50! We started with cocktails - Mai tai's,
homemade humous and chips, then sat down to Octopus salad that melted in
your mouth on to white snapper and proper veg!! Then there was a chorus of
Happy Birthday as a Hot Chocolate Fudge came in with a single candle and
chocolate ice cream! Oh and we got to take the cake home. So we now have
two chocolate cakes aboard Winny - no prizes for guessing what we had for
So here we will stay until a weather window presents itself for our next
passage to Fiji, where we are to be joined by friends for a few days and
then crew for the last leg to New Zealand.
Photos will be added to the blog just as soon as we are in possession of a
new laptop we promise!