Almost back where we should be!

Sat 29 Nov 2008 14:27
Intermediate shroud being replaced as I two finger type, (so they have alot of time) goose neck looks alot better with new and reconditioned parts and some washers to prevent excess play.  Hopefully nowhere near as noisy as the worn arrangement we had before.
Picture of Winny during the lift and hold on Weds,  forward strap right across log impeller but it seems to have survived OK.  I'll remember to take it out next time.
Still waiting for DHL to come back with the last part of our shipment, not as straight forward as I was lead to believe,  perhaps it's kicking's back with a rum punch somewhere and will show after the weekend.
Finally should be able to start cleaning and unpacking after today, never looked forward to cleaning quite so much, how our priorities change.  Store it box is going back on Monday so if nothing else that gear has to be stowed by tomorrow. 
Hey ho now ready to get back to 'C' Dock and get sorted.
All best Alyson