Passage to Darwin - The continuing Saga

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Mon 22 Sep 2008 13:27

Today was a mixed bag. The weather was glorious. No wind at all, just glassy flat calm seas, and baking hot to boot. Just how the crew likes it! No nasty tippy uppy!!


WE are also sad to report the departure of Sooty & Chalky. Our two feathered friends. Chalky (aka the Artic Tern) departed at first light. Sooty made a couple of fishing trips. Then he too departed at around lunch tome. So our principal entertainment was no longer in active service. Shame………………


The GOOD news was that I tried my hand at fishing late morning. This time with  a new (previously proven) lure.  It was a Dorado (Mahi Mahi) lure that I once landed a 12 kilo fish with. So, we deployed it in the hope of a monster Dorado. Within 10 minutes, we had a taker. Five mins later was lunch…………………..



This time, it was still not a Dorado. BUT, a Spanish Mackerel. A good pan size too. So Jennie took two large fillets off it. Then we had one of these between two of us for lunch, with some salad and new potatoes. It was divine. Never had it before, but it is a bit like Sea Bass, but with more body. One of the nicest tasting fish we have ever had.


We are now through the Dundas Strait, and heading for the rather tricky Clarence Straight. We had 2.5 knots of tide carrying us down here. This has now turned foul  (as expected) and we are 22 nm from the entrance to the Clarence Strait, where the tide can run at one hell of a lick. So I hope I have my tide timing right this time!


Current position is 11:50:97S  131:30:10E. and its 2325 local time.


WE hope to be in Francis Bay in Darwin by late morning tomorrow local time.


Then it’s Tipperary Waters Marina, after our AQIS inspection and de-lousing….Until the next one then!