Ibiza was not to be. Cartagena it is! 37:35:83N 00:59:05W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Thu 13 Sep 2007 18:35

Another quick update.


We had a good time in Gibraltar. National Day on the 10th was a real treat. I had planned to update the blog with loads of pictures and stories of Monkey business, whilst on passage to Ibiza. Alas his was not to be as we ran into a NE Gale, on the nose. Huge seas. Boat sustained some damage, as there are no ports of refuge on the Costa Blanca between Almeria and Cartagena. Believe me this is true. We tried two, each of these, with  the seas we were in, were simply not tenable. One of the recommended bolt holes was experiencing wind gusts of over 50 knots, from several directions. Crew got a bit fractious at that point!! Apparently she doesn’t “do” anchoring in over 35 knots………..


The previous morning as the dawn arrived, I discovered two jelly fish and two small mackerel on the decks. First fish I have caught this year!!! The big waves that arrived shortly afterwards, soon cleaned them off……Also removed a Nav light and modified the anchor.  We had one wave that I really thought would smash the cock pit spray hood and remove the Biminis. Welcome to the Mediterranean!!!!


We arrived in here are 0430 this morning. Absolutely exhausted. So it was a huge relief to find a Marinelo on the habour side pontoon to guide and hep us in. After we had tidied up we sat down for a glass or two to listen to the disco next door, until 0600 this morning.


We are off to Alicante first thing tomorrow, but if the forecast is wrong again and the conditions are right, (that is, any chance of sailing), I will head straight for Ibiza or San Antonio. 160nm, rather than the 75nm to Alicante.


Cartagena is an interesting place, with some stunning old architecture and some equally stunning new stuff too. Mind you there is some tragic architectural vandalism as well! More anon………..


Fingers crossed for some sailing tomorrow.