Figueira da Foz to Peniche - 19th June

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 20 Jun 2006 13:43

This sail was best described by Jennie as “not a girlie day”. Strong winds from the North to North East, and a rolling sea was a recipe for an uncomfortable ride. The sails  flapped every time a roller passed under our stern. Zipadedoda is not a comfortable boat to be in during these conditions, so by the time we arrived in Peniche last night, we were both exhausted. We covered some 67 nm of downwind sailing, and the engine was only used to motor into the marina. We did more gybes than I can count, so on the bright side we got lots of exercise…………………


The other issue that did not contribute positively to the day was that we have discovered that the washing machine consumes a HUGE amount of water. As a consequence we had the water maker on for several hours yesterday, trying to replenish the tanks (800 litres worth!). The water maker is very nosy and as a consequence it is very  trying, listening to it droning on all day long.  WE have resolved to use the programs that use least water on the washing machine, for future use.


On a more positive note, one of the boats “Seaquell”, skippered by Mark Frost,  has made a point of dressing up in a different costume for each arrival in port. Attached was there “get up” for Figueira Da Foz.


We are now at position 39 degrees, 21 mins North, 9 degrees 22 mins West. This is an industrial come fishing harbour, with a tiny Marina tucked in the Northern corner. All of our boats in the Rally Portugal “fleet” are moored up on one pontoon, rafted up three deep.


Today it is blowing strongly from the North and it was overcast all morning, but now it is early afternoon it s trying to brighten up. I spent the morning washing down the boat and on general maintenance whilst Jennie took the opportunity to catch up on the washing.


The “plan” for today is to go to the local museum at 150 hours, but as its now after 1300, and we are still to lunch and shower, I doubt we will make that. But there is (another) reception and prize giving tonight, so I am sure we shall be up for that! Meantime I hope to have time to explore the town and do some retail therapy. New Iron for the crew and a visit to chandlery for skipper.

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