Northern Passage around Viti Levu and on to Musket Cove, Malolo, Lailai. Fiji

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sun 20 Jul 2008 12:33

Yet again, Mailasail have let us down!! Here is the blog once again,,,,,,,at great expense!!



On the morning of the 5th July we raised the anchor and headed out west from Makongai.


There was a relatively short hop to the first significant point which was the island of Naigai. On the way we caught two very good sized Mahi Mahi. We had broken the landing net whilst getting in the previous “haul”, so we had to try to pull the fish over the rail on the line. This is because Jennie is averse to using the gaff. (Can’t say I blame her because it is a bit brutal).  Inevitably we made a complete hash of this and just as we were dropping the fish onto the deck, it got off the hook and flopped over the side. There were some choice words at this “cock up” I can tell you. Much to my amazement we hooked another one a mere 30 mins later. This time we made no mistakes. As the evidence below attests!!



  This is the after filleting photo opportunity


After this excitement we passed through the main reef and headed towards our first planned stop at anchorage on the south side of Nananu Island.



Along the way we passed some quite outstanding scenery. It was just like cruising through the Kyle’s of Lochalch on the West coat of Scotland. Only warmer!



As we progressed further westwards the scenery changed and became less luxuriant. With arid mountains in the background.



We were completely surrounded by reefs for most of the passage, and we have never used so many waypoints on a passage before. The markers on the reefs are very basic.



No lights at all, only the occasional bird perched on these rotting poles. This course around the north of Fiji’s main Island is definitely one that should never be undertaken in the dark or in bad weather.


Some of the locals were out and about on very crude rafts. Some trying in a very lazy way to sell fresh produce and perhaps other services to passing yachts…………..




The anchorage in Nananu is blissful. The bay has some very expensive looking properties around it. All occupied by Australians and Kiwis. There are two pristine coral reefs. On the evening of our arrival I almost crashed into one in the dingy at very high speed. Only Jennie’s sharp eyesight preventing a disaster. The reef was covered in stunning corals and soft sponges and all manner of reef fish. We decided to snorkel the reef the following morning before heading off to the next anchorage. Unfortunately there was yet another mega thunderstorm overnight, so the rain run off wrecked the visibility. But none the less it was good to get into the water and it was a nice start to the day.


The following day we headed off in convoy with Anahi, Moonshadow, Rascal, Stargazer and our selves for a bay just west of Vita Wharf. We had a pleasant night at anchor here, with a wonderful sun set and no thunderstorm …..


We were off at first light in the morning. Next stop Lautoka…the next formal Port of entry. Here we dashed into customs, got the paperwork sorted and then ploughed onto Malolo Lailai and Musket Cove. Very boisterous passage with breaking waves and lashings of wind. Stupidly we were still towing our dingy. Not something I will repeat on passage ever again!!  Quite a change after the last few tranquil days.


Then there was Musket Cove…………….