Sailing!!!!! Sines 37:57:05N 08:51:97W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 19 Jun 2007 11:53

Hip Hip Hooray!! We managed to sail for six hours yesterday, and a sparkling sail it was too.


From Cascais heading south we motored in light airs, on the nose, until that is  we approached  Cape Espichel, which is west of Sesimbra. At this point  a westing component came into the wind and at the same time we altered course for Sines, which was south east. 11 knots true wind and we were doing 8 to 8.5knots BTW at around 40 to 43 degrees apparent. The new Hood sails were most certainly proving themselves and the drive from the new large Genoa, was just awesome. We were healed over quite a bit so crew found it hard to prepare lunch. But the sun was shining, a smooth sea and the boat was charging along. One very happy skipper!!!


The wet weather has returned today, and we are pugged up under the cockpit tent, which by now I had expected to pack away for the next two years. Weather permitting we will head South then East around Cape St Vincent tomorrow. Then (hopefully) a downwind sail from the forecast westerly winds for our  run to Lagos.