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Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Mon 2 Jun 2008 05:18
WE are on passage from Raiatea to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. It is a 550nm dash.

The weather has not been kind on this passage. But we have had some sparkling sailing. Force 7 gusting 8 last night and not much better now. The bizarre thing is that we are trying to slow down with 60 nm to go, to avoid a night entry to the port. But with a third reef in the main and a second reef in the STAYsail we are still doing 6 knots down the rhumb line. The great news is that the new boom has been reefing much better than the old one ever did. So some good has come from all the grief we have had since the crash gybe.

The forecast is for the wind to drop over the next 6 hours, so all being well it will be much more comfortable by morning. Hope so as I keep falling off my perch as I write this!! Meanwhile, First Mate is demonstrating her skills of pan juggling whilst dodging flying onions and performing culinary miracles....No change there she says....Think we might have to skip the silver service tonight...shame!!!

No pics this time. I ran out of minutes on the satphone and can't recharge until Monday afternoon. So lets hope the radio phone works! If it does it will be a first time for the blog.

See you.............

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