Magical Moorea. Part II: 16:48:65S 150:59:54W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sun 11 May 2008 20:22

WE arrived in Huahine yesterday morning and having entered though the reef using the Avamoa Pass opposite the town (village) of Fare, we headed south inside the reef to the southern most anchorage Bay D’Avea. It is very beautiful, peaceful and just the ideal stopping place for some well needed RnR after all the agro in Papeete.


Meanwhile back in Moorea.


I had my birthday in Cooks Bay. We were awoken on the “day” by some noises coming from our Sugar Scoop. By the time we got up, there was no sign of the source of the noise…..except the evidence of Neva activity………………………



The addition of the bunch of balloons was a wonderful start to the day and made us howl with laughter. The VHF radio came alive shortly after this and we had loads of birthday wishes and even some happy birthday songs over the air waves. After breakfast we headed ashore to the Bali Hai, and had a liquid lunch with those Ralliers who we chilled out there and using the pool facilities.




Jennie gave me a clutch of birthday presents, one of which was a necklace with one large black pearl and two small white pearls set on a leather choker. So now we are all Pearled up!


I was thoroughly spoiled with presents from everyone. Harriet had even gone to the trouble of doing a water colour painting of Zipadedoda in Cooks Bay………



I had requested a small dinner party on the boat with some of our friends. So Jennie as usual came up trumps with a fantastic dinner of Roast Leg of Lamb, roast potatoes, and three Veg’ and all the trimmings. Apparently the aroma of the roasting garlic, rosemary and  lamb could be sampled throughout the anchorage. This  was deemed by some to be mental cruelty for those Brits who were remotely home sick!!


We had a memorable and fun evening with the Three Anahi’s and the Neva’s.  I had a fabulous birthday. Thank you every one!!!


The next day we had a wobbly start. Well in fact we decided to rent a scooter once again and take in the sights in the sunshine that we missed on the previous tour.


   The Sofitel Village is one of the most impressive Rooms on Stilts we have seen so far.


WE worked hard trying to find a restaurant for lunch. But we had been told to look out for a restaurant on the beach through a hotel village. After several attempts we found the Hibiscus Village hotel. We parked up the scooter and then after a march through all the grass roofed cottages discovered a stunning setting for a restaurant.


    Another bloody lovely day in Paradise! Eagle Spotted Rays, frolic in the water just off the restaurant waters edge/


We  ordered the Plate Du Jour from the very friendly Polynesian staff. This turned out to be large shrimps, in a spicy sauce with boiled rice and a yummy side dish and lots of fresh French stick bread. With a couple of Hinao beers. After a coffee and a rest we set off for the Pineapple farm that was closed on our previous circumnavigation of Moorea.


One thing that sticks in my mind about Moorea is that it has a population of some 12,000 people. A large proportion of these people commute to Papeete for work, so it is a very quite place during the day. Especially as it is 60 Km around the Island. It was also very clean, tidy to the point of almost being like a Disney theme park and with the exception of one short stretch of lumpy track, the roads are in superb condition. Quite clearly the French administrators spend a lot of effort and EU money keeping this place in order. It also feels incredibly safe.


The Pineapple farm is in fact a collage that trains farmers and farm workers. So they have all manner of fruits and vegetables and herbs under cultivation. There is a small shop where you can sample jams made from Pineapple,  Pampelmousse (local version of Grapefruit), ginger, Star fruits, Papaya, Mango, to name but a few. Even Coffee.( Not in the jam),  we did succumb and buy some jams and local coffee, as we had run out of Galapagos coffee a few weeks back..


They also offer a walk, either 1 or 2 km. In the heat (35°C plus plus and high humidity)  we opted for the short walk. Then got lost!!


   Pineapple Fields




  Flowering Root Ginger


   Passion Fruits  (just had to pick that one!)




Not just plants. There were Chickens, horses, cows and Jennie’s favourite. Piggies. Lots of them!



       This little Piggy…



This visit was very educational and fascinating and made a change from what we have done to date. Most stimulating.



So it was we reluctantly dragged ourselves away from Moorea, bound for Marina Taina in Papeete, for more boat repairs. The weather was absolutely glorious on our morning of departure, making it even harder to leave.



  Farewell Cook’s Bay.