WE ARE getting there.......08:47:81S 132:56:74W (Resent due to Posting Failure at Mailasail)

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Wed 26 Mar 2008 12:44

It has been a bit of a mixed bag with respect to the weather over the last 24 hours.  Wind has varied from only 8 knots to 20 knots and has been from NE around to the SE. With both sunshine and some rain. We managed a 173nm 24 period for the last recorded 24 hours.  419nm to go now until the WPT off Nuku Hiva.


One event was remarkably co-incidental. You may recall I mentioned the Taiwanese fishing boats that are referred to as the “Wall of Death” boats. These are the ones which trail fishing lines with bailed hooks for up to 4 nm behind them. Well guess want, we ran into one today. Not quite literally, but it got worryingly close. Twice!




On the first occasion he came across our bow and was obviously expecting us to get out of his way. As we were downwind sailing, Goose Wing with poled out Genoa and main on a preventer, this was not something easily accomplished. We also had the right of way under the International shipping regs. So he did change course, but only after hurling abuse in Mandarin over the VHF radio! I don’t think he was fishing at the time, because he was going too fast. Then blow me down an hour later he appeared over the horizon again at speed and then headed straight at us. Then at the last minute he veered away and passed behind our stern. This time with lots of the crew hanging over the side staring at us. It was quite intimidating. We also noticed a large ship on the radar over the horizon, and we suspect that this was the mother ship. There was more “jabbering” on Channel 16 on the VHF and then he disappeared once again. It was also interesting to note that he was not flying any flag of nationality, but with the zoom lens I was able to determine the boat name as Long Xing and his number was 660. The fact that they were talking in Mandarin means he was either Mainland Chinese or Taiwanese. Either way he was thousands of miles from home. Then again….so are we!


We have enjoyed some lovely scenes out here in the Pacific. Stunning sunsets and sun rises. Also amazing Moon lit nights. Sadly neither Jennie or I have managed to get a decent picture of this due to the low light levels and the rolling boat.





Both last evening and this evening we have been visited by Dolphins. Lots of them. These had Dorsal fins in the shape of a scimitar. They were the size of Bottle Nose Dolphins, but on checking the Whale & Dolphin books I think they were Pantropical  Spotted Dolphins. Very good show they put on too!



The computer is telling me that our ETA in Huku Hiva is 0345 on the 27th March. It can’t be soon enough now,  for both of us! It has been a kind trip but deadly boring and very tiring.