Day two of leg 2 BWR 26:22:19N 14:59:35W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Mon 19 Nov 2007 18:40

Our first days run was some 145nm. Not brilliant. Mostly either under engine or motor sailing, but we did sail all day to day from 0800 onward until 1800 this evening. We could have started sailing at around 0200 this morning but shock horror I found the hydraulic motor on the Genoa had failed and was making the most dreadful noise. This was not a happy moment. However, after we had daylight and the crew was available we inspected the motor and discovered one of the hydraulic fast-on connectors had been dislodged. So we re-connected it and hey presto it worked again. Phew!!!


We sailed using the Hydrovane to steer to windward, close hauled at 35 degrees apparent to the wind. Very stable and very reliable, providing the sails are perfectly balanced.


It was a frustrating tacking off the African coast and not making much progress towards the Cape Verde Islands. In fact we still have 708nm to go as we speak.


There has been a smattering of Dolphins again today, and very few sightings of ships and none at all of yachts.


The wind forecast for the next 2 days is more of it on the nose, so I have decided to put the fore sails away and motor over night on the Rhumb line for Cape Verde and see what the winds are like in the morning. It’s a bit lumpy as we are bashing against the Canaries current which has been running foul at around 1.5 knots since we left Puerto Calero. If the forecasts are true, we should see the Trade Winds kick in about 300nm SW of our current position.


It has been a sunny warm day. Relaxing and quite pleasant, listening to the iPOD and plodding along. Although it has to be said the   temperature drops like a stone as soon as the sun goes down.


Dinner is in the oven. A yummy stew to keep us warm through the long night ahead…………………………….