Povenir Bound 10:28:65N 77:48:66W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Fri 18 Jan 2008 05:31

We are now on the fourth night of our passage from Bonaire to San Blas Islands. So far we have covered 664 nm of this journey and we have some 82nm to go before we reach our waypoint off the outer reef of the San Blas channel.  We have sailed in company with Anahi on this trip, and have been in visual (and radio) contact virtually all the way.


 Anahi Twistling away downwind


It makes a vast difference knowing that there is like minded company close by on these longer trips, especially at night when it is pitch dark and you are having to contend with super tankers, steered by oriental crew who speak wery poor Ingeerish, and who are unable to pick you out amongst all the clutter on their radar screens, in these big seas. This can be very stressful at times, especially when you are trying to communicate via VHF radio that they are on a collision course……………….Last night after Jennie had one particularly harrowing time on the radio, another BWR yacht (Canopus III), came on the radio to offer moral support. This is what the rally is all about, and it is at times like that when we congratulate ourselves on making the decision to join the BWR. Such a wonderful bunch like minded (probably ever so slightly crazy) people, looking out for each other.



This has been a challenging passage with some of the biggest seas we have ever encountered. This afternoon as the wind abated the sea started to calm down (relatively) but was still somewhat confused and every so often a huge wave the size of a two storey house would rear up adjacent to the beam and for a few moments would look like it would flop into the cockpit. Then trusty Zipadedoda would swiftly climb up like an express lift on Viagra, and the wave would pass underneath us, as we careened down the other side at some gravity defying angles. This induced a sudden increase in acceleration and at times we were approaching speeds of 12 knots SOG.  Does wonders for the heart rate too…………..



Just where is that Valium when you need it………….?


All being well we shall be tucked up safe and sound in the anchorage to the west of Povenir by late afternoon tomorrow. Boy, am I going to enjoy THAT sundowner!!! Followed by a long deep sleep to recharge the very depleted batteries.