Biscay Update

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sun 3 Jun 2007 17:09

It’s 5pm UK time in Biscay. Our position is,  45:21:84N 08:12:95W



It has been a humdrum day. Still grey and foggy and little or no wind. What there is, yes youv’e guest it, is on the nose!


Jennie had a brief sighting of a Fin Whale near the boat today, but other than that the wild life has gone into hiding. Probably doesn’t like the weather either. Same goes for the fishing. No nibbles as yet. As ever my fishing skills running true to form.


We have been using the fuel at a rather worrying rate, so it is probable that we will now have to divert to La Coruna, to fill up with diesel. Unless of course the forecast NE 4 to 5 does appear tonight, then we might make a run for Finisterre, to get round before the forecast NE Gale later tomorrow. I believe the Small Faces (a 60’s band) has a song about this situation “All or Nothing”.


In Spanish waters now, so we had a flag erection a little while ago. Attached is the photographic evidence.



Not much more to report. Hoping to meet up with Ian Herve of Lodstar (another Contest owner) in Bayona on Wednesday, but the weather will be the deciding factor.


Beef Stew to look forward to this evening. Hmm, Yum Yum.



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