Day one Bluewater Rally 34:43:42N 007:40:74W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Mon 29 Oct 2007 08:43

The Rally crossed the start line off Europa Point Gibraltar at 10.00. We had a naval patrol boat acting as a marker for the start line, with photographers on board. We had decided to hang back from the start and deliberately crossed the line some 15 minutes after all the other boats had gone. That way avoiding any mishaps. One of the boats “Tapestry” had to return to port with failed steering. Not a good start!


The forecast was for Easterly winds, force 4 to 5. The sea off Gibraltar was very lumpy and quite uncomfortable.  After a bit of messing around we managed to get our Genoa pole erected, and so were able to goose wing down wind.



This was the first time we had done this, this year. So we were a little nervous about setting it up. But in the end , all the earlier preparation paid dividends. We headed east, aiming to pass Tarifa point (the southern most point in Europe, and the windiest), half a mile off. As the boat was trucking along at 8 knots we were picked up by the strong spring tides, and at one stage we were doing 11knots over the ground.



So we just whizzed past Tarifa.


It was and ideal day to “play” with all the various down wind sail combinations. Getting our monster Gennaker up is very hard physical work, and I soon realised how unfit I have become over the last few weeks. This was not helped by the fact we dropped it in the sea, as we were taking it down (the second time). Retrieving that was to say the least challenging.


We are making good progress, and it was great to see the sun rise over the African continent for the first time. Over 160nm on the first 24 hour stint.




It is a lovely morning. 17 knots of true wind and a good beam reach touching 8.5knts as I write this missive.  As crew is akip just now, so I need to return to my watch duties.


So until the next time…………………………..